Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Keep Missing the Target

This started off being a post about damage reduction, but in writing it I was finding I needed to talk more and more about defenses, because really DR is a subtopic of Defenses, so I started again.

Then I realized that I was finding it difficult to express me feelings on the various defense systems D&D has used, because they are much more complicated in aspect than the rules that define them. So I started again.

Then I found that in trying to express the fundamental aspects that make this such an important issue, I completely confused myself and I had written a wall on unmitigated garbage. So I am starting again, and I expect that when I finally get it written it will be both too long and too limited in scope.

So I am still writing, and still have a lot to say. I am just having trouble saying it.

I have also been thinking about other topics I want to cover. The main one is how important a solid system for making you own fantasy stories is. I also want to write a piece on the importance if location for both combat and non-combat encounters. Then i want to write about the difference between different types of combat encounters, and the different types of non-combat encounters. Then there is the skill system, the ritual system, the utility powers system, the leveling system, the three tiers introduced in 4E, the planescape, the monetary system and lots lots more.

Of course, there is also the Power System, and wether you want AEDU, Vancian, or some other system. This comes with another whole set of issues based on balance, speed, ability, roles and storytelling. All of these things I have an opinion on and ideas that might make them more flexible while keeping them simple enough to be tools rather than obstacles.

Then I think of the problem I am having just expressing my feelings on Defenses and I do not envy the designers trying to make this game better again. My deepest wish with these posts is maybe in someway for these posts to help the people with the impossible task to do it a little better or a little easier; though I know that is an unrealistic hope.

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  1. A possible topic for consideration - stat inflation across classes and it's effect.

    For example, in 3(.5)E I played a lot of druids for some reason. I found that they performed really poorly at low levels and were very under powered, but once you broke level 12 or so, they started to become overpowered when compared to other core classes.

    Historically casters have been underpowered at low levels, they have very few hit points making them into glass cannons, and the spell memorisation mechanic of yore meant that they ran out of spells very very quickly, sometimes mid fight, meaning there was little they could do but piff daggers from the side lines because they were fragile and had almost no weapons skills (or strength to make the damage worthwhile).

    Melee on the other hand, performed well at low levels, but would get overtaken by casters as the levels ramped up.

    Neither situation is fun, in both cases on player (or group of players) feels like they are not participating, which is generally pretty boring.