Monday, June 15, 2015

DungeonQuest Minis - Aiming for Quick and Table Ready

With my Imperial Assault minis, I have been following Sorastro's guides and often putting in a LOT of hours to get the best possible quality I can with my skill level.

However, I am also wanting to use what I have learned to make other minis "table ready".

So first I had to define what I felt was "table ready" for myself.

  • It has to look like the character from the game.
  • It has to stand out on the board.
  • It has to be clear which character it is.
  • It has to look good at play distance, which is normally at least 30cm away.
  • It does NOT need to look amazing at close up distances.
Then I had to set myself a goal with regards to how long I think it should take me to do a "table ready" mini. I have started with a time frame of 2 hours, but I hope to get it down closer to 60-75 minutes. This includes all setup and cleanup time, in an hour of painting time, I probably only spend about 20 minutes with brush in hand.

So here is my first attempt at this. Hugo the Glorious from DungeonQuest: Revised Edition.

Here is the original art from the game I was trying to replicate.

The DungeonQuest minis are a lot smaller than the Imperial Assault ones, only about 30mm high. Those squares behind him are 1 inch.

All in all, I am very happy with this.

I need to get a better system for taking photo's of miniatures. The camera I have doesn't seem to be able to cope very well.

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