Saturday, April 21, 2018

Imperial Assault - HK Assassin Droids

While I haven't been posting for quite a while, I have been painting.

Here is the first in a series of entries of stuff I painted over the last six to nine months that I haven't posted about.

I think I finished these last November, but it might have been December.

The HK Assassin Droids from Imperial Assault, the Return to Hoth expansion.

The grey ones are the regular units, the coloured ones are the Elites.

As with all my Imperial Assault minis, I am following the Sorastro guides as they are helping me learn new techniques that I am using when painting other stuff like Reign of Cthulhu, or Drakon.

I hope you like them.

Full set of HK Assassin Droids

The Elite HK Assassin Droids in Orange and Red

Elite HK Assassin Droids facing the other way, far safer this way
As always, I would love feedback.

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