Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Bones Griffin and a Rebase

This is the Griffin (I keep wanting to type Gryphon) from Bones 1.
It was mostly done with a speed wet blend and some shades.

I had to rebase it after it was painted because the base was too small and it kept falling over, so the base was added after the paint was completed. This is the first time I have done this. The base was done in several steps as it's quite a large mini.
First I used two metal pins screwed and glued into the figure, then glued those into holes screwed into the new base. Then I used Green Stuff to form a more solid bond between the mini base and the new base. Then I used a basing texture to match the existing base to the new base, then I repainted the basing texture to match and gave it a new wash. I think it came out quite well.

The main figure took about 2-3 hours, the rebase took about 2 hours.

I hope you like it.