Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Starting my Miniature Painting journey.

The upcoming Star Wars movie has me really excited, and that excitement has for me been getting me very interested in the Star Wars: Imperial Assault game my Fantasy Flight Games.

This game is basically Descent 3 in a Star Wars setting, and Descent 2 was a game I loved, though never got to play enough.

The cool thing is this comes with a lot of Star Wars miniatures you play the game with, and I really wanted to paint them. But I wanted to do a good job, and therefore never started.

Then I found Sorastro's Painting Channel on YouTube which takes you though how to paint these miniatures in great detail, including which colours to use, what techniques to use and all the tips and tricks you need. It was great, it was the kick I needed to get started.

So I did...

Here are the results. This album is where I will be posting the updates.

Not as good as what Sorastro is doing, but I don't care about that. Already I am improving, and most importantly, my minis look great on the table when I am playing the game - which I have now done once.

So I am spending a lot on paints, and a lot of time on painting. I am spending a lot on storage and all sorts of stuff - but I am enjoying this, and I am loving getting back into Star Wars and combining it with my love for Board Gaming.

Now I just need to find a group to play campaigns with.

As a teaser, here are some photos of my E-Web Engineers and Imperial Guard in progress.

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